Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care:
Dr. Workman’s professional focus is on the performance of equine athletes. She enjoys multi-limb, training problems, and cases that do not fit within a simple diagnostic bubble. Our goal is always to get to the root of the concern, addressing the problem head on and addressing the movement and compensation concerns that go along with complicated lameness. We offer a full range of diagnostic services, regenerative treatments and alternative therapies. We never want our clients to feel their case is rushed so we promise a complete exam and the time it takes to get to the bottom of your horse’s concern.

Performance Horse Care: 
It is our belief that these top athletes need to be cared for as such. Our performance horse packages include routine performance exams (quarterly to monthly), farrier radiographs twice yearly, organization between team members (fitness work/chiropractic/acupuncture/massage/laser ex). This close management allows for earlier direction of concerns and no detail to be overlooked. We know owners and trainers are busy- we want to make sure your horse’s soundness and performance care is covered! Our goal is to identify things BEFORE they become a problem! 

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