The Team

Dr. Kate Workman, DVM is a graduate of the Virginia- Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation she worked for a large sports medicine exclusive practice, this provided her with the experience of looking at exclusive lameness cases from a variety of disciplines across the country. This time helped train her eye and develop her passion for working with performance horses. Dr. Workman’s professional strategy is to identify the core concern, treat that concern completely and then believes strongly in going “beyond the bandage” to ensure the compensation patterns are addressed that either lead to the injury or resulted from the injury. She believes these top athletes deserve the top care and enjoys working with many specialists and trainers. Dr. Workman’s promise to her clients is that they will receive the full attention and best care possible for t

Juli Silliman – USPC-A, A.B.A, Juli is our rehabilitation manager and head physical therapist. Juli is an integral part of the program bringing her years of equine facility management, riding and training knowledge, in a variety of disciplines, and management of upper level event horses. Her work at Denali Equine is dedicated to being diligent in every detail of the horses needs in order to help them recover and compete at their highest ability.  She loves investing in the small details and time requirements that often go overlooked. As the rehab manager she coordinates and schedules all the rehab or fitness clients needs. Additionally provides the professional physical therapy exercises, ground work, stretching, k-tape, laser treatments, riding needed for our cases.  Juli’s is the center point for many of our divisions at Denali, bringing all the pieces together of our business, idea bouncer and problem solver. 

Mike Workman – CJF is Denali Equine’s head of the podiatry division. Mike received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. With the original goal of attending veterinary school, Mike went to farrier school to help him in his future veterinary career and fell in love with the profession. He is actively enrolled in his education to ensure he can provide the best therapeutic farrier work. He enjoys working with veterinarians and other farriers on complicated cases and is comfortable in all handmade custom shoes as well as modern synthetics. 

Rehab Intern
Pre Vet Intern
Podiatry Intern

Currently looking for an intern.

The Facility

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