Products we Trust

Stubben North America

The only English saddles we use on all of our rehab horses because of the many different size options and great way they fit so many different horses. We also love so many of their grooming products and kryo ice packs.

Triple Crown Feed

Triple Crown Senior Gold and Balancer Gold are the two main feeds we feed because of how well it is designed to fit the needs of most of the horses. The change we have seen in the quality of coat and improvement of weight has been amazing.

Divine Equine Embroidery

The best people to work with on any embroidery project you may have whether is is a single item or a whole teams worth. The quality of work is amazing and they are able to handle special projects and deliveries quickly.

Equestic Saddle Clip

The saddle clip has been so helpful in being able to track the rehab horses during each session. We can track the time they spend working in each gait and direction while also being able to track their impulsion, rhythm, symmetry, and intensity.

Hudson AquaPacer

One of our favorite ways to exercise horses whether they come to us for rehab or conditioning. There are so many different ways we can work horse in the AquaTreadmill between the height of the water and the speed of their walk. It allows us a lot of variation to adapt to what the horse needs and change as their needs change.

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