Equine Podiatry and its Importance

As passionate equine veterinarians, we understand the critical role equine podiatry plays in maintaining horse athletes’ optimal performance. It’s not just about hoof trimming or shoeing; it’s a comprehensive approach to foot and lower limb care that directly affects your horse’s comfort, mobility, and athletic ability.

Equine podiatry is a key element in preventing injuries and ensuring your athlete remains at their peak. We deploy precise diagnosis techniques and targeted treatments to address any issues early on, before they escalate into serious problems that may sideline your equine star.

Our Services

At Denali Equine, we are passionate about maintaining the health and vitality of your horses. Our top-tier offerings include North Carolina’s finest equine podiatry and farrier services designed specifically for athletic horses.

We have a multi-farrier practice focused on providing exceptional care for your horse. Combining the latest in scientific advances, the art of blacksmithing, and research to be qualified to handle any horse’s needs. We provide haul in and regional podiatry consults and care.

All of our farriers are committed to furthering understanding of equine hoof biomechanics, conditions and improving their skills by conducting education, competing and certifications. The podiatry team works closely with veterinarians to further podiatry research and be active members in the team approach.

Our dedication goes beyond basic farrier services—we’re committed to helping each horse thrive while minimizing discomfort during competition season or routine training. From preventive check-ups to specialized interventions such as corrective shoeing for structural imbalances—equine podiatry safeguards the soundness of every hard-working hoof under our care.

These methods maximize their natural abilities while ensuring optimal recoveries from injuries. Trust us as your experienced partner in equine podiatry – we’re here keenly looking after the well-being of your athletic horses.