Dr. Kate Workman


Started Denali Equine with the goal of helping equine athletes reach their full potential. She wanted a facility to cultivate a team approach where every case is surrounded by all the specialized professionals they need to be diagnosed, healed then maintained in their athletic career. Upon graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional college of veterinary medicine she took an internship with a sports medicine exclusive practice. There she got the amazing opportunity to work with some of the nation’s top quarter horses. This experience helped her hone an eye for movement patterns.

After opening Denali, she knew we needed to do better at early injury diagnosis to prevent the chronic lameness and career ending injuries many horses were sustaining. There were a few cases, including one of her own horses that she didn’t feel like we had solved the whole puzzle.  With the help of collaboration with Dr. Audrey DeClue quickly learned that there needed to be a shift from focusing primarily on limb lameness to body soundness as a whole. That ‘conventional’ equine sports medicine was not giving enough answers for too many horses. This shift has allowed her to focus on conditions that go undiagnosed/untreated, focus on the small details of body injuries and compensation patterns which allows for the prevention of chronic limb conditions. Her goal is to always listen to, work with and recruit the owners and all equine professionals on a team approach to solve the unsolvable.

Dr. Workman is passionate about work life balance and enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and children, Cinch, Colt, Cheyenne and Cai. Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3