Meet the Team

Dr. Kate Workman


Started Denali Equine with the goal of helping equine athletes reach their full potential. She wanted a facility to cultivate a team approach where every case is surrounded by all the specialized professionals they need to be diagnosed, healed then maintained in their athletic career. Upon graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional college of veterinary medicine she took an internship with a sports medicine exclusive practice. There she got the amazing opportunity to work with some of the nation’s top quarter horses. This experience helped her hone an eye for movement patterns.

After opening Denali, she knew we needed to do better at early injury diagnosis to prevent the chronic lameness and career ending injuries many horses were sustaining. There were a few cases, including one of her own horses that she didn’t feel like we had solved the whole puzzle.  With the help of collaboration with Dr. Audrey DeClue quickly learned that there needed to be a shift from focusing primarily on limb lameness to body soundness as a whole. That ‘conventional’ equine sports medicine was not giving enough answers for too many horses. This shift has allowed her to focus on conditions that go undiagnosed/untreated, focus on the small details of body injuries and compensation patterns which allows for the prevention of chronic limb conditions. Her goal is to always listen to, work with and recruit the owners and all equine professionals on a team approach to solve the unsolvable.

Dr. Workman is passionate about work life balance and enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and children, Cinch, Colt, Cheyenne and Cai. Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Juli Silliman


Juli is our rehabilitation manager and head physical therapist. Juli is an integral part of the program bringing her years of equine facility management, riding and training knowledge, in a variety of disciplines, and management of upper-level event horses. Her work at Denali Equine is dedicated to being diligent in every detail of the horse’s needs in order to help them recover and compete at their highest ability.

She loves investing in the small details and time requirements that often go overlooked. As the rehab manager she coordinates and schedules, all the rehab or fitness clients’ needs. Additionally provides professional physical therapy exercises, ground work, stretching, k-tape, laser treatments, and riding needed for our cases.  Juli’s is the center point for many of our divisions at Denali, bringing all the pieces together of our business, idea bouncer, and problem solver.

Mike Workman

CJF, Podiatry

Denali Equine’s head of the podiatry is Mike Workman, CJF. Mike received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. With the original goal of attending veterinary school, Mike went to farrier school to help him in his future veterinary career. While in farrier school he fell in love with the craft and decided to stay with it as a profession.

Mike is actively enrolled in his education to ensure he can provide the best therapeutic farrier work to his clients. He enjoys working with veterinarians and other farriers on complicated cases and is comfortable in all handmade custom shoes as well as modern synthetics.

Tayler Baggett

Veterinary Intern

Bio coming soon!

Biagio DeMaglie

CF, Podiatry Intern

Biagio, born in Brooklyn NY and raised in Santiago, Chile. Chile is where the passion for horses began through his mom’s family. Biagio was a professional endurance horse trainer and FEI 3* rider prior to attending farrier school.

For Biagio it started at his grandparents’ mini zoo with a Shetland pony. When he was seven years old he started breaking ponies and giving pony rides to the kids that came to visit in the summer.

At nine years old he began to ride his uncle’s endurance horses and soon after his first official 25 mile race. By the age of nineteen, he began to train endurance horses full time, becoming a 100 mile rider and Chilean National Champion. After a few years he noticed the need for better hoof care so moved to Kentucky to expand his education and attend the Kentucky HorseShoeing School.

After horseshoeing school Biagio apprenticed with Alan Dryg Cjf Awcf Asf, in Crete, Illinois where he started his farrier certification and was introduced to the competition side through the World Championship Blacksmith Association. In 2022, he joined the Denali team to become an apprentice under Mike Workman CJF. He quickly finished his certified farrier exam through the American Farriers Association and is now starting the journey to the next level examination, the Certified Journeyman Farrier.

Rochelle Latka

Barn Manager & Rehabilitation Assistant

Rochelle’s love of horses began at age 14, when her mom took her and her two brothers to a dude ranch in Colorado.  Over the past 16 years, that instantaneous love has developed into an enduring passion and Rochelle has seized every opportunity to work with horses – from volunteering at a therapeutic riding center throughout her time at the College of William and Mary, to sharing her love of riding with guests at various dude ranches as a wrangler, to training a few donkeys and designing better packing methods during her time living in Tanzania as a Peace Corps volunteer, to furthering her horsemanship by learning firsthand from an incredible trainer, to working with BLM mustangs, to starting colts and helping owners form better connections with “troublesome horses,” and most recently, to competing in both the Gaucho and Mongol Derbies (finishing 7th and 4th, respectively).  


What drew her to Denali Equine, in addition to pure serendipity, was the prospect of working with horses in an entirely new capacity – rehabilitation – and in a world totally different than anything she had previously experienced – the sport horse world.  Getting to work with horses from such a wide variety of disciplines has broadened her equine education and allowed her to expand her horsemanship by combining her skills as a trainer with her intuitive sense of what a particular horse needs, both on a physical and emotional level.  This combination, along with the technical and practical knowledge that she has gleaned from Kate, Juli and her co-workers, has helped Rochelle to successfully assist in the rehabilitation of several horses here at Denali Equine.  She continues to strive to learn more, refine her skills, and develop new techniques with every horse that she gets to work with.  

Abigail Cathcart

Veterinary Assistant

Abigail is one of our veterinary assistants. She originally came to Denali Equine as a client first with her horse Versailles, a 2019 KWPN Gelding. Versailles had acute onset shivers during training and was struggling with under saddle work. The search for answers led her to Denali Equine the Body Soundness Professionals. Versailles’ shivers have resolved and he is now thriving!

Abigail is a dressage rider recently retiring as an FEI/CDI groom to join the team at Denali Equine with a goal to attend veterinary school and become a veterinarian for Denali Equine! While grooming she worked for the likes of JJ Tate and many veterinary professionals in Wellington, Florida. Prior to being a professional groom, Abigail spent 5 years in large and small animal medicine.