What we do and Why we do it

At Denali Equine we love working with complicated and challenging lameness and performance cases. Those cases that have everyone stumped as to what is the problem. Where the horse has been to multiple professionals, the owner is frustrated, and the trainer has tried everything they know. The horse that didn’t fit into an easy diagnostic bubble. We find the base of the horse’s road to recovery has to be set in sound veterinary medicine. We focus on finding the root of the problem, the secondary compensation issues, and then provide a medical plan to heal the injury. While working on these cases, we realized even with the best veterinary medical care- we were still falling short. We were missing a part of the lameness and poor performance puzzle. As veterinarians, we have become skilled at recognizing and treating orthopedic concerns. What we at Denali Equine realized is that we were not identifying and addressing the muscle and neuromuscular components that often are paired with lameness cases. We need to look at all the pieces of the puzzle both good and bad to create a whole complete picture.

The goal at Denali Equine is to bring together the best team possible to go “Beyond the Bandage” for our client. To not just inject joints and fix tendons but to identify the complete picture of equine soundness. This combines veterinary medicine with targeted training, neuromuscular conditioning, body manipulations, massage, and neuropathic pain control. We address the whole horse to produce a complete healing plan for our clients. Our goal is to help equine athletes and their owners reach their full potential.

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