Meet Dr Kate Workman

Dr. Kate Workman is the owner and visionary of Denali Equine. Her passion for horses started at a young age and like most young horse girls she lived in the barn, showing hunter/jumpers as a child. After expressing her desire to attend veterinary school, she started to search for equine experiences outside the riding world. At 13, she started working for a thoroughbred breeding farm. She worked there until college eventually assisting in managing the breeding program for 4 stallions and over 300 mares per year. It was there, even in the breeding side, that her passion for high-performance athletes was sparked. Dr. Workman attended Virginia Tech for a bachelor’s degree in Animal and Poultry Science and Dairy Science. Upon graduation, she continued to the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine where she focused her time on becoming an equine veterinarian.
Her professional passions clearly became caring for high-performance horses; including lameness, rehabilitation, and podiatry. Upon graduation, she took an internship at a busy sports medicine exclusive practice. She is forever grateful for the opportunities provided at this practice, where she got experience looking at a high volume of elite performance horses. However, it quickly became clear to her that too often we are using quick “band-aids” to assist these athletes on their job performance and failing to create a solid foundation. This is where the vision for Denali Equine began.
Dr. Workman is committed to improving our equine athletes from the foundation up. She understands we have increased our expectations for these athletes but have not improved the science behind training them. Her passion is to create science-based fitness programs and combine them with top quality medicine, nutrition, podiatry, environmental management, and rider influence to allow the equine athlete to reach their full potential and minimize the injuries along the way.

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