Beyond the Bandage

The reason behind the name. We feel that there is so much more to healing a horse and getting them back to peak performance the fixing the injury that you see. There are so many things going on when a horse is injured or when not performing at their best that we want to help owners, trainers, and riders see and understand all the different aspects to healing a horse and bringing them back to work.

To give you a quick idea of what goes on some times the injury is not actually the issue, sometime it is. If you look at a wound it is the issue however, the wound is bad enough that a horse creates a compensation pattern to reduce the pain of the wound for example they put more weight on another leg. This leg then gets worked harder then the other leg so develops more muscle then the other which then creates an imbalance in the way they work and move.

Another example would be if a horse strains or tears soft tissue, sometimes it is the issue, however sometimes it is the result of over loading the area because of a weakness somewhere else in the body. A specific example could be a weak left hock off loads to the right front which then creates a tendon or ligament damage to the right front leg. You need to start by healing the right front injury however to truely bring the horse back to their best you need to identify the root cause, identify if the right front is the issue or the left hind or something completely different.

Horses like people will always have an area of weakness and one side stronger then another. It is the nature of creatures in general. The goal is to identify the weaknesses and imbalances to improve the balance and weak areas for over all better performance and health. This is why we feel that it is more then the bandage.

Published by Gypsy Juli

Independent Equine Professional I do just about everything in the horse world, from training, teaching, grooming, riding, competing, to selling, customer service, trade fairs, marketing, promotion, and so much more with in the English, Western, and Carriage Driving worlds.

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