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Why Your Horse’s Health Matters

Welcome to Denali Equine, where solving your horse’s unsoundness and performance issues is our top priority. As passionate equine veterinarians, we understand the significance of health and wellness in equine athletes. Our primary focus is on maintaining your horse’s optimal health to ensure their performance stays at its peak.

Equine athletic bodies are immensely complex and require meticulous ongoing wellness care. They can develop a range of health issues from chronic conditions due to intense training sessions or competitions, to age-related problems.

In our North Carolina veterinary practice, our team employs advances in equine veterinarian medicine like state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatments for the best possible outcomes. Notably, we put a high value on proactive preventive measures for your horse, striving to maintain animal body condition and address any potential concerns even before symptoms appear.

We believe that early recognition of disorders through regular check-ups can significantly enhance a horse’s recovery period while reducing long-term effects on their abilities as athletes.

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Expert Care For Your Equine Athlete

We specialize in treating those who have been seen as untreatable or just not right. These are often horses that are often thought of as not “lame” and show signs of pain or being dangerous. We are providing innovative treatments for conditions such as shivers, stringhalt, kissing spines, sleep deprivation, and more.

Our focus is on providing you with the answers you have been searching for by looking at the whole horse, not simply the legs. We take into account every detail of your horse from how they stand in the stall, how they feel to you under saddle, the equipment used, what the bodyworker has to say, how they move, and what they eat. Everything is connected and influences everything else. No detail you provide us is too small, we are here to listen when you feel like you haven’t been heard.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. We are excited to help you find the path to solutions for a better outcome for your horse.

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Why Choose Us

Selecting the right veterinary practice for your equine athlete is essential. At Denali Equine, we offer comprehensive veterinary services that prioritize their wellness and optimal health.

We operate with a deep understanding of horses as athletic creatures. This enables us to identify and tackle various health issues before they become chronic conditions that could impact their performance or overall wellbeing.

Our team is well-versed in both traditional veterinary medicine and ongoing wellness care options, reinforcing our commitment to preserving your horse’s best body condition for an extended period of time. Boosted by advances in equine veterinary medicine such as state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and modern surgical techniques, we are committed to providing emergency care and rehabilitation when needed while taking into consideration pets’ age-related conditions.

Beyond clinical excellence, you will find empathy at the heart of our equine services because we recognize just how important these faithful companions are to you – not just as athletes but also beloved members of your family.

Why Clients Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from our happy clients.

Dr Workman has been such a breath of fresh air for not only our clients horses, but our industry as a whole. We love her approach of thinking outside of the box, and not just doing the things that have always been done in our industry for the sake of doing them. The idea of treating these show horses as the athletes we expect them to be is so refreshing, and has been so great for our horses. Not only is Dr Workman fantastic with treating our horses, she is also great at explaining to us and our clients the biomechanics behind what she is doing. We owe so much of our horse’s success to Dr Workman- and truly can’t say enough great things about her.

Miller Quarter Horses Keith & Sydney MillerAQHA & NSBA High Point Rider, Judge Quarter Million Dollar Club Rider

Dr. Kate Workman and the entire staff at Denali are wonderful! My sport horse had an injury that I believe no one else would have been able to diagnose or even notice since he wasn’t “lame”. They took wonderful care of him and developed a full rehab plan for us. He is back out competing feeling better than ever! I’m so appreciative of Denali Equine!!!

Lisa ChanEventer

Dr Kate Workman has been a huge part of my program for the last four years. I have a small boutique import business and I compete in the upper levels of Show Jumping and Eventing. Dr Workman has an incredible eye to be able to see the entire picture of body mechanics. Every one of my horses see Dr Kate as soon as they arrive to talk about their strengths and weaknesses so that I’m able to train them to the best of their abilities. Dr Kate is also a rider and is able to communicate what I can fix under saddle and where she can help me help them. Denali Equine, Dr Kate and the rehab facility, is a huge part of my program and I would not have the success I have without them.

Maya StuddamundProfessional Equestrian Sales and Training

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